Welcome to Bedlam!

Paranormal Romance (Explicit Sex and Violence) (THIS IS NOT A COZY SERIES)

Welcome to Bedlam, a magical island in the northern San Juan Islands. Founded by witches, Bedlam's a hotbed of mystical creatures, magical mayhem, and fantastical fun. But danger also lurks here, hiding below the surface.

When fun-loving witch Maddy Gallowglass moves to Bedlam to restore an old mansion and turn it into a magical bed-and-breakfast, the last thing she expects is to meet her match in the gorgeous vampire Aegis, a former servant of Apollo. Now, together with Bubba--their purring, cunning, and crafty cjinn, Franny--their perpetual house ghost, Sandy--Maddy's BFF, and the elusive Fata Morgana, Maddy and Aegis must traverse the mysteries and murders that come their way, all while navigating their unexpected romance.

Books Finished So Far (and Series Reading Order, though books can be read in any order):

0.0---The Wish Factor (Sept 3, 2018--short story)
0.5---Blood Music (novella)
1.0---Bewitching Bedlam
1.5A-Blood Vengeance (novella)
1.5B-Tiger Tails (novella)
2.0--Maudlin's Mayhem
3.0--Siren's Song
4.0--Witches Wild
5.0--Casting Curses (Sept 17, 2018)


Meet the inhabitants of Bedlam!

Readers Are Saying:

I truly enjoy the Bewitching Bedlam series because I can connect with the main character Maddy on so many levels. This series takes me to a place I would love to have truly exist and be a part of. Between the chemistry, and the way I can connect with some of the characters on a personal level, Bewitching Bedlam is one of my favorite series to date. -- Summer Sky Mason


Bewitching Bedlam I love the Bewitching Bedlam series because it brings me to an all new world. We have witches, shifters, vampires, and a cjinn named Bubba. What's not to love? Just remember, never rub Bubba's belly while making a wish because you never know what you might get! --Tabatha Geary



Bewitching Bedlam

Bewitching Bedlam is a place I want to live in. Who doesn't want to rub shoulders with talking cats, rocker vampires, and ancient witches! The series focuses around a B&B that sounds magical, comfortable, and haunted. The town itself, Bedlam, is full of magical creatures who you can't help but love, even the bad ones. When I start reading I don't want the world to end, its extraordinary. --Jennifer Daniels


Bewitching Bedlam


The Bewitching Bedlam Series is my all-time favorite. Its story line and characters let me escape to another world of magic and excitement! Can't wait for each new book! --Jenni Rimbaugh


Bewitching Bedlam

The Bewitching Bedlam series is an amazing world full of magic and adventure! It's a wild ride I never want to end! No other series grabs my heart and attention quite like this one does! Give it a try and get swept away! -- Robyn Jones